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On Saturday before Valentines Day 2010, my cousin Johnie Morris called to tell me that he had a gift for me and that there was a story behind the gift.  By time Johnie and I had gotten our schedules together, it was a week later. 


The following Saturday Johnie had delivered a white vase to my house with red roses in it.  Unfortunately when he had gotten there, I was not at home.  I returned home later to discover this vase with the red roses in it, I called Johnie for the story.


He works with a lady at his employment who orders things for the store.   She had received this white vase in an order that she knew not where it came from.  She looked through her purchase orders only to find it nowhere.   She called the company who shipped it and they said they sent it by mistake and for her to keep it. 


She went to bed that night and had a dream about this white vase.  She dreamt that she put red roses in this vase and gave it to a woman that she did not know. 


When she got to work the next day she gave the vase to my cousin Johnie and said: “put red roses in this vase and give it to your wife”.


Johnie took a look at the vase and said:  “oh no, I know exactly who I am giving this vase to”. 

Naturally, he was thinking of me. 


At the bottom of the vase were the words inscribed:




Why am I telling you this story?   I truly believe with all my heart  that my son Matthew sent me red roses from the grave for Valentines Day and I want the whole world to know it….







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